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Cats Are Beautiful! Inspurrational Quote #4

Jan 26, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    Lilian Jackson Braun was an American writer who definitely knew a thing or two about cats! In fact, she is best known for her series of light-hearted prose books about cats, all of their titles starting with "The Cat Who". Today we bring forward one of her famous quotes about cats -

    I have to agree. Not all of these poses may be flattering to the cat but even if they're not, they still bring joy to us when we look at them! So, take lots of pictures of your kitties and share them in our monthly picture contests, or just upload them to threads in the Fur Pictures Only forum and to the galleries.

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  1. Draco
    So true! I LOVE to photograph my cats!
  2. gitabooks
    All cats are photogenic.... except my cat.  : ) He prefers to be so close to the camera you can't tell if he has a head or not. Its kind of sweet that he wants to be with you, though. As for the other cats, they are always beautiful.
  3. rickr
    So true.  All cats are beautiful and photogenic.  
  4. raysmyheart
    Just from the quote, you can tell the writer knew cats.  I did not know about The Cat Who writings but I would like to look them up now!  Cats have such unique markings in their fur that they are exceptional in pictures, like the markings on this kitty.  I enjoy so many of the pictures posted on this site just because of how unique each cat is.
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