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Cats And Esp: Do Cats Have Supernatural Abilities?

Nov 1, 2011 · Updated Oct 16, 2016 ·
  1. Anne
    Many cat owners believe they have a psychic connection with their cats and that their cats have a psychic connection with them. Most people do not believe in these claims and write them off as simply the hopes and misperceptions of overzealous cat owners. Recently, some scientists have been investigating these claims and their results have been astonishing. Through research, they are finding that in some circumstances cats do have what we would call "Extra Sensory Perception." These results are just another in a long list of the powers we are discovering our cats have and how they can strengthen the bond cats have with their owners.

    One scientist who has been a leader in this research is Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D, author of Dogs Who Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, and his research website www.sheldrake.org. Dr. Sheldrake has looked at the unexplained powers of many animals including cats.

    Cats Who Know When Their Owners are Coming Home

    Dr. Sheldrake has found that many cats know when their owners are coming home. "Interestingly we found that cats in America do better at this than cats in Britain and we don't know why. Maybe more cats in Britain are allowed to roam free outdoors," said Dr. Sheldrake. He did a series of experiments with a dog Jaytee where he videotaped the dog while his owner drove far from home. When the owner was not coming home, Jaytee spent 9% of his time at the window. When his owner had decided to come home, Jaytee had been spent 55% of his time at the window waiting for her. The owner had been driven far away in a taxi so there was no way the dog could identify the sound of the car and would come home at different times. Dr. Sheldrake believes that a similar experiment with cats, the same results would occur.

    Cats and Telephone Calls

    One area where cats seem to have very special powers more so than other pets, is the ability to know when their owners are calling on the phone. "We found several times where cats anticipate telephone calls from their owners. They get excited if the phone rings and their owner is on the phone, but they ignore phone calls from anyone else, and this happens when their owners call from a great distance or at unpredictable times. Some cats just seem to know it‘s the person they're fond of before anyone has picked up the phone," said Dr. Sheldrake.

    Cats Who Find Their Way Home

    There have been numerous stories of cats who have found their way home over long distances. This is another example of the connections cats have with their owners. Probably the most amazing story of this kind involves, Howie, a purebred Persian whose owners living in Australia were going on an oversees vacation and left Howie with their parents who lived 1000 miles away from their home in Adelaide. Upon their return, the distraught owners had learned that their beloved cat had escaped. One year and 1000 miles later a scraggly Howie appeared at the owners' home. Howie had crossed rivers, two deserts, and the dangerous Australian outback. Howie was dirty, hungry and had a wounded paw but made a recovery from an incredible journey.

    How Do These Powers Work?


    Dr. Sheldrake's main theory on how animals have these powers is Morphic Fields. "Morphic fields are involved in self-organizing systems which include cells, animals, and groups of organisms, which include pets and their owners. When the owner forms a bond with the pet, or the pet forms a bond with their owner, I think there is a field that connects them," said Dr. Sheldrake. He says the fact that we can witness schools of fish or flocks of birds turning in the same direction simultaneously is evidence of these morphic fields, as well as insects behaving in coordination. Dr. Sheldrake believes these fields connect living things, whether of the same species or different species, which have close connections to one another across distances, whether large or small.

    Cats and Earthquakes

    Jim Berkland is a Geologist who successfully has been working for the last 30 years in California predicting earthquakes. His work is chronicled in the book, The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes, by Cal Orey. Jim says that when the moon and earth are aligned in a certain position it affects tidal waves, movement in the earth's crust and magnetic field thus causing earthquakes. He uses the alignment of the earth and moon to help him predict earthquakes.

    Another method he uses is observing the behavior of cats and dogs. Specifically, the number of lost cats listed in local newspapers. For thousands of years, people in China had been successfully predicting earthquakes based on the behavior of animals before quakes. Jim's first prediction involving cats occurred in 1980. "On Nov 7th in 1980 there were 14 missing cat ads, the most of the whole year. There are usually 3 or 4 missing cat ads," said Jim. Based on that and other factors, Jim predicted a 7.4 earthquake in the next few days. Within days there was a 7.4 Earthquake in Eureka, California. Since then Mr. Berkland has successfully predicted over 25 earthquakes based on missing cat and dog ads.

    How are cats able to detect these earthquakes? "Animals can detect the change in the earth's magnetic field. Nearly every animal has the mineral, Magnetite in its body, before an earthquake the magnetic field gets distorted," said Jim. The magnetite allows them to detect changes in the earth's magnetic field. When this happens cats and other animals can sense this and realize something wrong will happen and many cats and dogs flee.

    Mr. Berkland's most famous prediction successfully came in 1989 when he predicted the famous "World Series" earthquake in San Francisco, named for how it disrupted the world series viewed by millions on national television. Prior to the world series, missing cat ads usually 4 or 5 were a record 27. On October 17th, four days after Jim called the local paper making his prediction, the most deadly earthquake hit the San Francisco area since the great quake of 1906.

    Unfortunately, most scientists don't believe in Jim's method which is a shame because if we only listened to Mr. Berkland and our cats maybe lives could be saved. Jim runs a website, www.syzygyjob.com, and a newsletter people can subscribe to if they are interested in using the behavior of their pets to help predict earthquakes.

    As scientists continue their research, we learn of the amazing powers our cats have and strength of our bonds with them.

    Written by Brad Kollus
    Brad Kollus is an award winning Cat Writer specializing in the Feline-Human Bond. He lives with his wife Elizabeth, their son Dylan, and four cats, Scotty, Spanky, Lizzie, and Rosie in New Jersey.

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