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Cat Trees: 10 Designs That Will Make You Go "wow!"

Apr 18, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    Cat trees play a huge role in creating an environment that's both physically and mentally stimulating for our kitties. Why settle for run-of-the-mill designs though? You can have a cat tree and make a home decor statement at the same time. Here are 12 unique cat trees that will inspire you to re-think the concept of the cat tree.

    Why should you even have a cat tree?

    The cat tree should encourage your cat to be more active by climbing, jumping and moving around. It's a way to make better use of the vertical space in your home in order to increase Kitty's territory without adding floor space. Many cat trees also offer shelves, perches or boxes which serve as napping spots and increase the cat's perceived territory.

    So, the function is clear but what about the form? Most cat trees follow the same basic patterns: a tall post which supports perches and the occasional box. The shelves are covered with some kind of carpet, and the main post usually has a section that's wrapped up in sisal rope and serves as a scratching post.

    Some cat trees have more than one post, allowing for a variety of "branches". Here's what one of the most popular models - the Armarkat A5201 model - looks like:

    So what's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing! As far as your cat is concerned, this cat tree is an excellent choice, as are many other models. You can see them in our Cat Trees Reviews section.

    But why not check out different concepts as well? The function may be the same, but the form can be entirely different. Let's take a look at designs that "think outside the box" and bring you all the functionality of a cat tree in a furniture item that makes a decorative statement you may actually prefer. Hopefully, these designs will inspire you to take a renewed look at cat trees and how they can enrich your cat's life.

    12 unique designs that may change the way you look at cat trees

    Who says a cat tree can't be as elegant as the felines using it? Take this model for example, the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower with its sleek curved design. This beautiful cat condo is as practical as it is beautiful: The carpets and scratching pads are attached with velcro, making them easy to replace.

    The Apex Cat Tower takes a clean flowing style to the next level. No fluff on this trendy unit. Instead of cutting corners, it just makes them go away in favor of perfect zen-like circular lines. It's constructed of unfinished wood, so you can choose to leave this beautiful cat tree in all its natural glory, or treat it prior to assembly to create your own unique piece of art.

    If you appreciate the opportunity to custom paint your cat furniture, then here's your chance to go wild with the unique Bubble Cat Tree! Get creative and create your own colorful design, or leave this piece as it is for your cats to enjoy and your guests to admire. Either way, Kitty will get a chance to exercise by climbing all four steps to peep out of the round holes.

    Bowsers truly revolutionized the very concept of a cat tree with this colorful tower of heavy-duty solid cubes. Each cube has a hole in the middle so cats can easily climb up the tower. What a great way to encourage Kitty to be more active! This eye-catching tower is as versatile as a child's toy. You can separate it into two towers of two and three cubes each, or just use the cubes around your home. Need to move this cat tree? Nothing could be easier: Just move it one cube at a time!

    Why stick to a tower when you can have an entire castle? Kitty City lets you create huge gyms with their modular cat furniture system. The Kitty City Kitty City Steel Claw Castle set includes everything down to the jingling cat toys, and you can put together the toys and connectors in minutes to create this design or others. As with all City Kitty products, you can add more building blocks later on to create a unique cat tree for your cats.

    The Catville Tower by Prevue Pet Products is also based on a system of plastic tubes and connectors. This design really gets cats going with routes for climbing inside the system or outside of it, and of course, plenty of rest stops on the way!

    If you're looking for something more minimalistic than a castle, this floor-to-ceiling adjustable contraption may be a better bet. This innovative cat tree/tower is 108" tall, providing your cat with a good climb and making the most of the vertical space in your home.

    Don't want to reach the ceiling, but still need something that won't take up too much floor space? Try the K&H hanging funhouse. You can install the funhouse in minutes with zero drilling - perfect if you're renting a small apartment. The various levels are made of easy-to-clean waterproof fabric, making this an affordable and practical solution for everyone.

    Of course, even if you stick to the more traditional cat tree in form, you can still go a little crazy with the design. Like this handmade Royal Cat Boutique Luxury Cat Condo. Your cat is going to love the plush interiors as well as the ability to climb to the top perch. Just make sure it's a good fit for your home decor theme because, with its black faux leather exterior, you can be sure this cat tree is going to get some attention from your guests!

    So what do you think? Which of these cat trees would you consider getting for your cats and why? We'd love to get your input so leave us a comment!

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  1. Appon
    I don't know what to say. They are all great design. All of these are so beautiful, so I am totally confused which one I would buy for my kitty.
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
  2. tarasgirl06
    I can't resist commenting that the Royal Cat Boutique Luxury Cat Condo offering looks as if it would be at home in any of the most "edgy" homes (I won't go into which ones as this is a nice site: I'm sure people can figure it out)...:nono:
    And all of the designs are great -- something for everyone and just about every style! I'd just like to also recommend IKEA's new line of cat products and the definitive site for EVERYTHING cat-related, hauspanther.com if I may.
  3. allisa
  4. fantisticat
    This article is a good reminder to me that the world of Kitty Condos doesn't begin and end at Petsmart! I really hadn't thought of how many designs existed. I like the bubble, which will allow me to paint and decorate. (However, my frugal side is now also thinking about what I can build myself!)
      tarasgirl06 and Margret purraised this.
  5. ginny
    My Ned would gladly eat all the leaves off that tree cat tower! I've had to remove ALL my fake plants from the house.  
      fantisticat purraised this.
  6. ileen
    Has anyone bought the K&H hanging funhouse or seen it in person? I'm wondering what happens if you use it on an open door & if it can be used on a lightweight door that slams shut when it's windy out & the windows are open.
      fantisticat purraised this.
    1. tarasgirl06
      Not personally, but I wouldn't.
  7. SeventhHeaven
    Royal cat Boutique  WOW with the price!  pretty fancy
      margret and fantisticat purraised this.
    1. fantisticat
      Not inexpensive, are they??
      margret purraised this.
  8. mservant
    Definitely got me going 'wow'.  Mouse and I would love to swap over to one or two of these when he finally destroys the construction we have just now.  :D
      fantisticat purraised this.
  9. PushPurrCatPaws
    Holy cow! Look at that Catville Tower!!
      fantisticat purraised this.
  10. 2Cats4everLoved
    These are great.  I may get the door one for my next kitty, that would be purrrrrfect for my future furball.
    My Simon would have loved all of them, especially the tree one. xo
      margret and fantisticat purraised this.
    1. fantisticat
      Tree is so cool. I can see my kitty tucking away in there. But must agree with earlier comment that the leaves would be awfully tempting to snack on! (And dust?)
    2. tarasgirl06
      A friend has one version of this and their cats LOVE it.
      2Cats4everLoved purraised this.
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