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Cat Treats - Is Kitty Is An Addict?

Oct 5, 2014 · Updated Oct 4, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    There are treats that Kitty likes and there are treats that Kitty will do anything to get. Once your cat knows where the stash is, how do you keep his addiction under control? Sometimes it’s just easier to give in than listen to the constant meowing for treats.

    It’s a nice try to say Kitty is big-boned or husky. The truth is, many cats are overweight. Just like humans, they need to cut back on the calorie intake and concentrate more on the calorie burn.

    A good quality food should make up 90% of Kitty’s diet plan. Treats can make up the other 10%. That’s probably not the ratio Kitty would choose for himself so you have to stay strong in the face of a beggar.

    Diet or low calorie foods make Kitty feel full but don’t add any nutrition. In fact, all that’s added is more clumps in the litter box. A few days on a good quality food will teach his system to be satisfied with less quantity because he’ll get all the vitamins and protein he needs. He won’t crave treats as much either.

    A good substitute for high-calorie treats is playtime with you. Get out the old fishing pole toy or the laser pointer (don’t shine it in his eyes). Let him chase the red dot or a crumpled piece of paper for a few minutes, several times a day. He’ll burn a few calories and it will keep his mind off treats.

    Move his food dish. A change of locale will also change his mindset so he won’t expect a treat as soon as he cleans his bowl.

    What Kind of Treats to Give?

    When you do give treats, go for the kind most suited to your cat. Does he love catnip? Sprinkle some on his bedding and let him roll around. Tartar control or hairball formula treats can help if he’s had problems. Elderly cats might find soft treats easier to chew than the crunchy style. Bad breath can be relieved with chlorophyll-added treats.

    Bonita tuna flakes are low fat, high protein treats. Lightweight as tissue, the flakes are smelly and easy to eat, a cat’s dream. Be careful not to overdo it though as tuna, like many fish, can contain heavy metals which can be dangerous in sufficient quantities. If Kitty has had problems with UTIs (urinary tract infections), it’s best to skip this treat or only give an occasional flake.

    Many TCS members choose freeze-dried meat e.g., chicken, treats. Choosing the right type of freeze-dried meat can make this a great and healthy treat for a cat that suffers from food allergies.

    Southern Belle, a TCS forum member, says a stray who adopted her wouldn’t eat wet food. She ground treats into a powder and sprinkled the crumbs on top of his food. Now he loves canned food but won’t eat it until the sprinkles are added!

    P3 and the King, another forum member, says she offers cooked chicken as an alternative. Her cats get regular bagged treats a couple of times a week but never more than five pieces.

    Being overweight is a problem for any species. When Kitty gives you the sad eyes or pats your face, meows pitifully or bangs the cabinet doors to get his way, remember that just like a steady diet of cake and ice cream is not good for you, too many treats are not good for Kitty. Give them but make a special occasion of it. After all, the goal is to have the most time possible to spend with him. Healthy is where it starts.

    Comments? Leave them using the form below. Questions? Please use the cat forums for those!

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  1. Fyrekit(Proud Cat Mommy)
    I had a cat that was addicted to treats But I didn't blame my little Sable, after all it's what I used to teach her that humans were safe, she was a feral little thing when I got here and I managed to socialize her through patience and acting like I didn't even notice her at first. Drivers around here suck though and I never could get her to stop going outside.........some idiot teenagers hit her and just threw her body down into the yard like she didn't even matter. But she did, I've had trouble getting to sleep without my little girl falling asleep on my hand so I can't use the laptop anymore.
    1. Babypaws
      This reply is a little late but I just came across it while finding solutions for treats. So so sad what happened.. I can’t bear it when I hear abuse of animals, if they had any decency they would have stopped to inquire who she belonged to.. I’m so sorry.
  2. kittyarden33
    my kitty is addicted to the "party mix" treats. When I am in the kitchen she will go to the counter where we keep them and meow! 
  3. heathernichelle
    The vet banned any type of treat for my poor kitty when he was diagnosed liver disease five years ago. However, two years ago he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and now needs to take pain medicine every morning. Rather than fighting him with a pill each day, my vet agreed to let me put it in baby food and give him a teaspoon at a time. He finally gets a 'treat' again, and will not budge from the fridge until he gets it. So basically the running joke in my house between my roommates is that I have the Dr. House of cats since he is addicted to pain medication and walks with a limp.
  4. puggleperson
    My girl is addicted to treats as well. Thankfully she doesn't cry but she gets in her treat spot and just stares at me.. And stares at me...Even if I had just given her treats an hour previous..
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