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Can You Guess Why This Litterbox Was So Cheap?

May 5, 2016 · Updated May 5, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    Ortal Segal is a cat lover from Israel who was looking to buy a new litterbox for her cat, Chu. Hunting for an online bargain, she turned to the megasite AliExpress.com where goods from China can be purchased directly from the manufacturers. Bingo! She found a clearance sale offering covered litterboxes for only $5 per box as the seller was closing down shop! The listing even included a picture of a cat coming out of the hooded box, so Ortal went ahead and ordered two of these litterboxes. After all, at $5 a piece, you can't have too many litterboxes, right?

    A week later, she got a note from the post office, saying she had a package waiting for her. She made room in the trunk of her car, took her six-year-old child along for the ride and went to the post office to receive two perfectly formed litterboxes, hoods included as promised. The only problem was their size...

    Yes, that's a six-year-old girl holding up two litterboxes. Here's a photo of the litterboxes shown next to her shoes -

    "I couldn't understand why I was getting such a small package," says Ortal. "When I opened it, I simply burst out laughing right there at the post office when I realized these were supposed to be the litterboxes for my cats". She added that the boxes were too small to be used by a kitten or even a hamster and obviously the picture in the website had nothing to do with the actual product.

    "This was the funniest thing that has ever happened to me in my life," Ortal wrote on her Facebook page. I'm happy I was around to see it and ask for her permission to share it on our blog

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  1. Punkin Pistolero
    Wow....those must be for little genie type kitties!
  2. lamis2004
    That's so 😂 Funny......😸😸😸😸😸😸😸
  3. jazzyp
    They would be wonderful for pet rats, as long as the rats were still pretty small.  This is why I am still reluctant to shop online most of the time.  Too funny!
  4. IndyJones
    "How am I supposed to pee in this?"
  5. jenny2035
    Too funny.  This Christmas 2016 my daughter wanted a red garbage can for her kitchen.  I searched "red garbage can" on Amazon and up came a page of 6 of them, and one was red, exactly what she wanted.  Only $16.95 too so I ordered it.  I was stunned to receive a garbage can that is the same size as my electric kettle!  Its marked 3 Liter Garbage Can - I guess I should have read the details but who would have thought.   Gave it to her and suggested she use it as a cookie jar.   LMAO !
  6. jacquelynl
    This is just the cutest story ....I absolutely LOVE IT
  7. candicew
    this is hilarious!
  8. fufpaw
    Great people making more plastic CRAP to pollute our planet that has no discernible purpose other than to be paid for, by people who are being tricked :/
  9. helen725
    They are very cute, as everyone else has said! Maybe she can use them as toy litter-boxes for her daughter's toy cats?
  10. novathekittycat
    So cute! It could be used for a hamster, mouse or gerbil :)
  11. dogafin
    Too funny! But there is a reason why they're tiny. I've seen them sold as hamster baths. They like to roll in sand so in a sense, it looks like here going a litter box. I suppose it's even too small for a chinchilla.
  12. elkie
    I have pet rats and yes they can be taught to go in litter boxes. These however are way, way too small for even a rat.
  13. Alicia88
    I would like a couple of these to store small things in.  Batteries, hair accessories, jewelry, etc.  They're adorable.  But talk about false advertising!!!
  14. zelskid
    Are Chinese cats small?
  15. zelskid
    Maybe Chinese cats are smaller
  16. fluf muf
    I has dying as I read this and imagined my cat trying to fit in there
  17. grizzlysapien
    Anything larger than a fruit-fly cannot poop or pee in those.. 
  18. louche
    She is a good sport. I would be livid ;P
  19. tammat
    That's so funny!!!
  20. ruby6689
    I saw these online when I was looking and thought 'what a bargain'....now I know why.
    Thanks for sharing and giving me and my husband a huge belly laugh. The look on your cats face is precious.
  21. terestrife
    use it as cute containers in the bathroom. lol
    try shopping at walmart if theres one near you, they have cheap litterboxes. if you have amazon, you could have gotten  a litter box for pretty cheap. so long as you can get $25 of items the shipping is free. i found one for $7 just make sure it says large.
  22. jackson76
    Very very funny. Isn't it wonderful to have a good sense of humor?  That is almost a requirement of animal lovers and owners,..... Jackson 76
  23. ginny
    I LOVE the look on the cat's face!  So funny!
  24. stewball
    What a beautiful cat and what a shame about the size of the litter boxes. I hope i would have laughed as well. Kol hacavod.
  25. Anne
    I'm glad everyone think this is so funny - so did I! Please do share this with your friends!
  26. detroitcatlady
    Too funny!!!!!!!
  27. tarasgirl06
    ROFLMOTO, still. 
  28. kay lowe
    Was wondering what to use for our 4 wk. old kitties. Those look perfect. Let me sign right up.
  29. missbliss
    Glad she had a sense of humor about it. They'd make nifty food savers though.
  30. misterwhiskers
    Oh dear God. So 😂😂😂😂
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