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Can Cats See Ghosts?

Sep 13, 2013 · Updated Apr 1, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    When a cat stares off into space, is he thinking deep thoughts, trying to remember where he left his favorite toy or could it be he’s seeing a ghost? It’s unnerving right before bedtime or when a cat stares out of a lighted room into the dark hallway.

    What is a ghost? Janice Gilligan, animal communicator, says, “I think of ghosts as spirits stuck in the physical world, attracted to places or energy sources, as opposed to beings that have transitioned and choose or have the ability to continue relationships with their loved ones.”

    JellyBella says, “I don't know if it's ghosts or not, but Stan and Bella are always staring at things I can't see. Of course, our house was once a funeral parlor, so I guess there may be a few "late" guests passing through!”

    “Cats are very sensitive creatures. They hear and smell things beyond our ability,” says Cheylink.

    Gilligan agrees, “Consider the electronics ghost busters use, devices that amplify what our ears are incapable of hearing. They use lights, meters and thermometers. Cats are very self-aware and capable of evaluating their surroundings. They, like other animals, haven’t been programmed to rely solely on their five ordinary senses.”

    Cat ghosts? TTMom says her cat Penny came back to visit. “When Penny died we were living with my in-laws. When we moved back home, Toes looked all over the house for her. I started seeing cat shadows out of the corner of my eye. I even felt Penny get up on the bed.” Many owners experience similar experiences after a pet has gone on but TTMom had an actual sighting. “I was in the kitchen and saw Penny cross the living room and go down the hall to the back of the house. Toes watched her walk by and then took off after her. He came back and looked all over before complaining to me. All I could do was say, "I know. I saw her too."

    Gilligan says, “I asked a cat if she was able to “see” ghosts. Her response was “We’re at least as able to discern presences as humans are.” I’ve sensed that cats aren’t always (or even, usually) napping when they’re in that sphinx position, eyes closed, relaxing in the sun. I believe they meditate. I think they experience the presence of a ghost on a more intimate level than seeing.”

    “Lynx was on the vanity counter in my bedroom while I was getting ready for work. All of a sudden he looked over my shoulder. I turned and there was nothing there,” says Telynn. “His eyes were following something. It really gave me a creepy feeling. I've seen him stare at a spot on the wall before but I never felt like that. That morning, I really got goose bumps over it.”

    Whether you truly believe in ghosts or just know that creepy feeling of not being alone, perhaps the best attitude to take is the one Chausiefan used as a child. “Can some cats protect us from evil ghosts? I used to pretend that they could when I was a kid, just to help me sleep at night.”

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  1. Shining Star
    My cat Ming-Ming is always staring at my ceiling in the exact same spot and I try to get his attention and he looks at me for one second then back to the spot he was staring at. I don't believe in ghosts but I just know that Ming-Ming sees them.
  2. ThunderMau
    Both of my cats Mau and Thunder have been staring at invisible things , it seems to happen mainly at night. At times I think I catch a glimpse just flashes and blurbs and my mind get kinda scrambled like I can't comprehend anything Ive seen.
  3. dejolane
    I don't know if cats see ghosts but they can see a fly that I couldn't see.
  4. crazycatlady111
    Great article! Last night as I was laying on the couch when both my cats Sissy and Hootie began to stare at something in the living room. Then Hootie came walking over by me still acting like she saw something only she was approaching cautiously and when she got over by me she started sniffing and looking around and she was acting very nervous about it. Sissy came over as well and also was acting nervous. It creeped me out because I know that cats can sense things we humans cannot.
      LokiNApolloMami purraised this.
    1. ThunderMau
      One time I awoke to all three of my cats staring at something above my head ,their eyes darted back and forth as I just watched them freaking out.
  5. sugarsandz
    I really do think cats are seeing things beyond us and dogs as well. I'm a realist but I've had a few strange things happen with my cats that I couldn't explain that freaked me out.
    Great article!
  6. ladybird
    My beloved Gabriel left me on July 24. He and I had been together for twenty years. I have, so many times in the past three months, raised up to see what was jumping up on my bed. Nothing is there, of course. That I can see.
      RjG purraised this.
    1. Shining Star
      Your beloved Gabriel may now be a spirit wanting to stay with you a while longer.
  7. dottykittykat
    I'm so glad I could share on this site.  Not everybody "gets" it.  This is such a comfort. 
      ThunderMau purraised this.
  8. angels mommy
    Wow, good article Anne, & good stories from everyone else!  A year ago this month the neighbor kitty passed away. She had originally showed up on my porch a few years before, but w/ having Angel, I couldn't take her. (I could barley afford him at the time) Plus, he was hissing at her from behind the glass door, so my neighbor took her. She always liked hanging out on our porch though.  It was about 3 wks. after she had passed when it happened. I was sitting on the floor playing w/ Angel, & all of a sudden I felt a soft brush across my low back (I was in my p.j.'s & it was against my skin between my top & bottoms. It was a real as could be. It wasn't like a breeze, plus, no windows were open. It felt as if someone took a feather duster & rubbed it across my back.
    It was so real & sudden, even though Angel was sitting right in front of me, I actually turned around expecting to see something there! I knew it was Sheba. I had been praying for her, & often took care of her when she was around. When she passed, I also asked that she let me know she was okay, so I guess that rub up against my back was my answer!  I will never forget that!
    Angel does also look beyond me sometimes, & I'll say "who's here?" Is it Aunt So & so coming to visit & play? Is Sheba here??
  9. dottykittykat
    Lori's story is so wonderful that I feel comfortable sharing here.  So here goes.  I know I don't have to tell you this is all very true.  My favorite cat on earth was a cat named Dorothy who died in 2002.  I still think of her every day. She was like a child to me.  About 13 months after her passing I was sitting comfortably, drinking a Diet Coke and watching television, when all of a sudden  I could hear the sound which seemed to be something being moved around on the knickknack shelf 5 feet above my head.  Well, that couldn't be since I live alone and no cat could get up there, so I thought it was a sound from the street or in the wall.   The room then became very quiet and all of a sudden a doll from the knickknack shelf came flying through the air and fell next to me.  I immediately knew Dorothy was in the room and I acknowledged that as I picked up the doll.  The complete impact of what happened didn't hit me until I stood up on a chair to put the doll back on the shelf.   You see, the doll was on the bottom shelf and her head touched the bottom of the top shelf, and she also had all sorts of smaller knickknacks in front of her and all around her, all of which would have flown all over the place if the doll had simply tipped over.  None of the items had moved even a tiny bit, just that doll.  And, it hadn't fallen over - it had been thrown down.  A few days later I was sitting at my computer when I heard the sound of a cat taking one flying leap and landing on all fours on my side cabinet in the living room.  I turned to scold whoever was silly enough to do that stunt, but nobody was up there.  As I looked over a candle was being jerked around and pulled out of a candle holder by an invisible force and then it was carried across the cabinet and flew a few feet through the air.  It was Dorothy.  I thanked her and told her how much I loved her and always will.  She has taught me that she is near me and that we will be together again one day.  God bless her!  What a cat!!!
  10. lorie d.
    Midnight and Snowball have  both crossed the Rainbow Bridge now.  But years ago after Midnight was put to sleep because of problems she developed in old age, my son and I kept feeling something lightly touching the lower part of our legs.  We would always be able to see Snowball when this happened and he wouldn't be anywhere near our legs so we knew it wasn't him.  One day I was sitting near my computer desk when I felt something touch my leg.  Snowball was lying on the floor nearby and I could see him calmly watching something invisible as it moved away from me and went to the very spot where Midnight had liked to lie during her last few weeks of life
    1. Shining Star
      awe that's so sweet.
  11. dottykittykat
    Once upon a time, very long ago, I was visiting my parents' home and they had gone out for the evening.  I was alone in their very large house, and sitting with me was my wonderful great big ginger cat, Gatito.   After a while I felt I could hear the footsteps and voice of my grandmother who lived about 50 miles from us.   It sounded like she was walking all over the place and calling the name "Bill...Bill".  Bill was my father, her son.  Ordinarily I would have felt I was hearing things, but Gatito's fur puffed up all over the place and he got into a stalking position and became uneasy in the house.  Later my mother came home and, while I didn't tell her I thought I heard Grandma (because she was never a believer), I did say I thought I heard noises in parts of the house.  She opened doors and walked around to see if everything was in place, and as she did that, Gatito crept along with her - belly to the ground and fur still puffed up all over.   The following morning we heard the news that Grandma had died.   It never occurred to mother that I truly had heard Grandma, but my father was always "sensive" and when I told him the story he truly did believe me and was very much comforted.
  12. dottykittykat
    Ghosts? Sure, cats can see them.  I  have had so many of my own experiences with the "other side" that I am sure that there is more to this life than we can ever possibly know or understand.  Our pets, however, including cats, have very highly developed senses, so they see and feel what we can not.  Don't forget, we have all the modern conveniences, i.e., phones, television, computers, ipods, etc., that we have lost our pets' ability to just communicate with all of nature.  I see people all the time walking down the streets just talking into their phones or ear plugs in their ears listening to their music, unaware of what's going on around them, so in general we are just not nearly - by a long shot - as aware as our pets.  I'm a cat person, so speaking as a cat lover I believe cats are even more sensitive than other animals.
  13. hakeemtarabulsi
    Reading this article early morning, really made me feel the chills moving through my skin o_O
    Nevertheless, one of my cats, Rainbow Kid (4 & a half months), used to stare at 'something' in the corridor, which I couldn't figure out, even after several observations. Well, probably he was able to sense the presence of 'something' or 'someone', or possibly a tiny fly!
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