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Buddy ~ 6/2012 - 2/28/2017 "In between the dash"

Mar 18, 2017 · Updated Mar 18, 2017 · ·
  1. msmamakat1
    BUDDY came to me with his sister, they were three days old, their mother had been killed by a car and a kind lady rescued them. I bottle-fed them and the day he opened his eyes he dropped the bottle from his mouth and climbed up on my chest and nosed my chin. I knew my heart was his and his heart was mine.
    Originally hidden sister were to be brought at 12 weeks old to be fully vetted neutered microchipped and to be adopted by a woman who wanted them.

    She came and got them took him to petco and bought them the best of everything and she loved them but after four months she decided she didn't want them anymore and they were brought back to me. BUDDY was so happy the day they brought him back he jumped into my arms and just kept nuzzling me and I knew HE HAD missed me the whole 4 months he was gone and I missed him but because I'm just a foster mother they came and took buddy and his sister and put them once again at the Petco to be adopted.... weeks later I found out that they weren't adopted and they brought them back to me and when they brought him back the third time I said to buddy you'll never leave my door again. his sister got adopted and he stayed with me. He was happy and he had lots of other fur friends to run and play with and every night all the cats got in my bed and we slept together.

    in the spring of 2000 and 16 a family tragedy cause me to have to put them into a centuary for four months when I got buddy back he was so happy to see just stuck to me like a piece of velcro he wouldn't leave my side he followed me everywhere for days when I left to go to the store he walk to the end of the driveway and sit there when I came back if it was an hour if it was 2 hours if it was 3 hours he was sitting right there at the end of the driveway waiting for me.

    But he had some very unique qualities qualities and a cat that I'd never seen before first but he thought himself to use the toilet what is the prize that was to me I walked into the bathroom Monday and there he was sitting on the toilet as though it was Forrest Gump with his head cocked sideways facing the picture of urinating it was so cute and he try to cover it up but you know...
    Another thing buddy would do he wouldn't drink from a bowl Stillwater it had to be running when we had the water fountain he love that but when the water fountain broke down he would learn how to turn the faucet on the bathroom sink he turn the faucet on and of course when all the other cats heard the faucet running they came and he would stand up there on the sink like he was to sync Monitor and he'd let Nyla, he let Girly, he let boo boo, he let Coco Puff, he's let Girly, he let everybody have a drink when they were done he take a long drink himself. Leaving the water running in case someone decided that needed another drink.

    Another unique quality of Buddy's was, whenever I had new foster kittens in the house he would go out and catch a large cricket or a mole or bring a little mouse home. he'd bring it in and set it right in the middle of the circle of the little kittens so they could play with it and learn how to Chase and kill if the little creature started to get away heat stop it bring it back and put it right back in the circle of the kittens he was a good guy.. he loved kittens!
    He when did give them a bath, preening them with long loving Strokes of his tongue and at bedtime he would snuggle with them. He was so sweet and loving.

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  1. BobTheKitty
    I'm so sorry for your loss. He sounded so talented and caring. Rest In Peace Buddy, you're playing with the kittens up in heaven and turning on the faucet.
  2. calico man
    "Buddy" was definitely your buddy!
  3. boney girl dad
    I'm glad Buddy had his short time here on earth with you. We are never ready for them to go, even if we were to have 100 years together here. Someday we'll have way more than 100 years with them.
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