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Binx, who bounces off the walls

Nov 29, 2016 · Updated Dec 5, 2016 · ·
  1. ceruleiasaurus
    Before Binx came to live with me, he lived in a colony with a number of other feral cats in the parking lot behind my friend's apartment building. When my friend noticed a number of kittens in the colony, she inquired about what she should do to help them, and she became involved in the TNR program in our area, and borrowed a humane trap so she could get the colony neutered and vaccinated.  She didn't expect to find homes for the kittens she trapped, but she posted on some local facebook pages hoping to find people interested in taking them in.  I watched as she adopted out each of the kittens to homes, and one day while I was at her apartment, she introduced me to the last kitten from the colony, a tiny black boy, 12 weeks old, who was resting up after surgery in a trap in her bathroom.  I had wanted to adopt a cat for a long time, but continued to convince myself I was too young or not responsible enough to take care of a cat.  However, after meeting Binx, and after my friend told me that if she couldn't find someone to adopt him she would have to re-release him, I decided to adopt him.  I went to Target the next day to buy a carrier and a litterbox, and all the other essentials, and then I went over to her apartment to pick him up.  

    ~Binx before I adopted him~

    When my friend trapped Binx and brought him inside, another cat was with him, watching over him in the trap.  She hissed when my friend picked up the trap, and followed her to the door of the apartment.  This cat was not Binx's mom, but the mother of one of the other kittens my friend had trapped and found a home for.  After Binx was taken inside, she sat at the door to the apartment for several days, meowing up at my friend.  She clearly cared a lot about Binx.  It was very hard to separate them, but she was feral, and could not be taken inside, and we thought the best thing for Binx would be to find him a home.  

    ~Binx's surrogate mother, and her kitten, who also found a home~

    Binx has been with me for almost four weeks now, and though he's still very scared of me, he's getting more comfortable every day.  He's progressed from spending his days hiding behind the toilet to leaping around underneath my bed, and chasing a laser toy around the room--and occasionally, straight up the wall.  Right now he's trying to figure out a way to make it to the third tier of wire shelves that I keep my clothes stacked on, teetering precariously on the edge of a laundry hamper.  He's always running and leaping around, climbing as high as he can, or stalking some invisible mouse around the room.  

    ~Binx creeping out from behind the toilet for a snack on his first night with me~

    Recently, though, he's also started to chill out a bit.  Yesterday, like most days, I read out loud to him from a book I've been reading, and He came up to sit at the foot of my bed.  He tucked his paws under him and put his head down and stared at me while I read.  After a while he started to blink, and eventually closed his eyes.  Every time I paused too long from the reading he would open his eyes again and lift his head, but as soon as I started again, he would put his head back down and close his eyes.  He's shaping up to be a bit of a book worm :)

    ~snack time~

    Update 12/5/16

    After a trip to the vet last week, we realized that although Binx was running away from being held or touched, when we had to hold him (for his shots, etc.) he calmed down pretty quickly.  I started wrapping him up in a towel a couple times a day and cuddling with him to see if he would get more comfortable around me, and all of the sudden he is a huge love bug!  He loves cuddling, getting his ears scratched, and sitting in my lap licking my fingers.

    ~Binx chilling for a moment for a good scratch~

    ~Back to playtime!~

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  1. msFriday
    Wow, he's a beauty!  Sounds like he and you are at the start of a beautiful, rewarding relationship.  Hope you two have many happy years together!
  2. opieandspuds
    Beautiful story and cat!
  3. raysmyheart
    That is a great idea with the towel.  I am glad Binx wants to cuddle. Thanks for the update on this beautiful cat!
  4. Shane Kent
    Binx is adorable. You and your friend are awesome people. I wish you many happy years with Binx and lots of love, you deserve every bit of love that Binx gives you.
  5. raysmyheart
    I am so happy for you and Binx and the other kitties that found homes.  Your friend is wonderful too.  Binx sounds like he really loves books!  That is great!  All the best from Marianne and Speedy!
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