Cat food discussions are the bread and butter of our Cat Nutrition forum. As 2016 begins, it's time to review which brands our members liked and recommended the most in the past year.

This list features all types of commercial cat food, including dry, wet and frozen/freeze-dried. These products received the best reviews and mentions from our members, both in the Cat Food Reviews Section and in discussion threads in the Cat Nutrition Forum.

These come in no particular order. All foods have their pros and cons so take the time to study these recommended brands and their ingredients before forming your own opinion and feeding them to your cat.

Best Cat Food According To Our Members

Fancy Feast Classic Gourmet Cat Food

Members like the variety of flavors and the fact that this food has a low-carb content. It's not considered a high-end feeding option though, to the point that some members only feed it occasionally, as a treat.
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Nature's Variety Canned Cat Food Instinct Formula

Nature's Variety is a well-recommended brand and members seem to like both dry and canned versions. The Instinct line seems to be a favorite. Members like that it's grain-free and appreciate the high protein content.
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Orijen Cat Kitten Dry Cat Food

When recommendations for quality dry are requested, Orijen is often on the list. It boasts a list of quality fresh ingredients that is limited to free-range poultry, wild-caught fish and a small amount of vegetables, making it a high-protein and no-grain food.
Orijen Cat Kitten Dry Cat Food.jpg
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Tiki Cat Canned Food For Cats Various Flavors

Members praise this food's texture and the variety of flavors. It's grain-free and made with human-grade ingredients, so many members like to add Tiki to their cats' diet.
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Nutro Natural Choice Various Flavors

Nutro is another favorite brand in the TCS community with many members feeding its canned versions too. The dry version is high in protein, affordable (for such high-protein food) and cats seem to enjoy the taste!
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Primal Freeze Dried Turkey Formula For Cats

Primal is one of the brands mentioned frequently in the Raw & Homemade Diets Forum. With a variety of frozen and freeze-dried recipes members appreciate how these products help them feed raw without having to dice and grind meat in the kitchen.
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Ziwipeak Daily Cat Cuisine Canned Various Flavors

Ziwipeak from New Zealand offers a recipe with minimal processing and a high percentage of natural ingredients. TCS'ers commented on its relatively high price but many still like to incorporate it into their cat's diet.
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Weruva Cat Food

Weruva is a brand our members trust and it's often mentioned in "Best Cat Food" threads and polls in both the canned and dry varieties. When cat owners ask for recommendations for dry, the Weruva formula is one that gets mentioned fairly often.

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Soulistic Adult Canned Cat Food In Gravy Various Flavors

The colorful cans of Soulistic cat food bring joy to many TCS cats. Members like that it's so minimally processed and that the actual meat is visible in the product. High score in the reviews section for both the gravy and gelee versions of this product.
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Have you already tried these foods? Please add your review in the cat food reviews section!