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Bernie, my FIV+ Bundle of Joy

Feb 22, 2017 · Updated Feb 22, 2017 · ·
  1. berniecat
    Is your cat female or male?
    Bernie is male.​
    How old is your cat and what's his/her year of birth?
    Bernie is 5 years old. He was born sometime in 2011. His exact date of birth is not known since he is a former stray cat. At the writing of this post, I have had him five days now. ​
    What does she/he look like?
    Bernie is a handsome tuxedo domestic shorthair mix.​
    How did you meet?
    Bernie and I met at the ASPCA here in NYC! I had wanted to adopt a cat for some time and he was the first cat I was introduced to and I immediately fell in love with him and his story. He has a rather large head and was so eager to be pet. He was hiding in a box they put in his little area and once I held him, i just knew I had to take him home.​
    What's your cat's life story?
    Bernie was a stray cat born around 2011. He is FIV+,which he possibly contacted during territorial fights in the streets of NYC, guessing by the wound on his left shoulder. He has had 8 dental extractions due to his immune system being compromised by his FIV. ​
    What's your cat's personality like?
    Bernie is such a loving, friendly cat. I was scared he'd be shy when I brought him home but he quickly warmed up to me. He follows me everywhere (the ASPCA says he is a 'sidekick' type cat), he steps all over my laptop and my homework, he loves being pet and kissed everywhere and he loves to sleep!​
    What are his/her favorite treats/food/toys?
    His favorite treats right now (we will change this soon though) is the turkey flavored Temptations. He goes c r a z y when he hears the bag or smells it. He loves shoestrings and hair ties. He is a little hunter he loves the sound of mice and love playing with anything resembling mice.​
    Any special stories about your life together?
    We have only been together for five days, but I have a story. On his first night here, my boyfriend came to visit and we were hanging out with my mom and her boyfriend. My mom went to talk to a neighbor and had our front door open a bit for about 10 minutes. I hadn't heard from Bernie and let him do his own thing since he was getting used to our apartment. After my mom closed the door, I decided to look for Bernie. I looked everywhere and couldn't find him at all! I started hysterically sobbing and crying thinking I had lost him. My boyfriend tried comforting me before he found him in my room behind my vertical blinds the whole time. [​IMG]  So evil!​

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  1. maureen brad
    Bernie is so cute. I adore black cats and black  and white cats. My first two cats were a black cat and a tuxedo.I had a cat with FIV and he was a wonderful little guy. Enjoy Bernie, FYI besides loving him the most important thing you can do for him is make sure he has a really healthy diet.I can relate to your story. I thought I lost a cat, cried my eyes out, could not figure how he got out. I even went to the shelter---turns out he was sleeping in the linen closet!
  2. raysmyheart
    Oh, I can tell from his photos, that Bernie is a sweet-natured cat!  He has so much love and goodness in that face!  I am so happy for both of you!  I am so glad he found his forever home.  Speedy and I met at a rescue much like you met Bernie.  She was the first cat I saw and I knew right away she would be my dearest friend.  I wish you so many good times together.
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