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  1. Mika's Page - By Yosemite

    Name: Mika Sex: Female Year of Birth: 2003 Breed: Siamese Fur Color: Colorpoint Eye Color: Blue Biography: Mika is Bijou's little sister and a very tiny, perfect little girl. She really belongs to our daughter so I call her Nanny's Princess. She has a birth defect - she has a little "huff" instead of a meow. Arrival Story: When daughter moved back home, Mika came as part of the package. Favorite Food & Treats: Loves Temptation treats and begs so sweetly for them. Favorite Toys:...
  2. Bijou's Page - By Yosemite

    Name: Bijou Sex: Male Year of Birth: 2002 Breed: Siamese Fur Color: Colorpoint Eye Color: Blue Biography: Bijou came into our lives about 2 months after we lost our beloved Simba. From day 1 Bijou has been a very unique and special cat. His temperament and personality are wonderful. He has stolen our hearts and anyone who visits. He gets more affectionate and loving every day. Arrival Story: Cried for almost an hour in the car on the way home. Now he jumps in the car to go for...
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