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Articles from callista

  1. Christy

    Name: Christy Sex: F Is this a Memorial Page? No Year of Birth: 2005 Breed: DSH Fur Color: Dilute Calico Eye Color: Green Biography: Christy is a delicate girl who knows exactly how cute she is. She's tiny, even for a female, at about seven pounds. She is shy and skittish and easily frightened by other cats, but she is curious and has a quick paw and a penchant for finding all the little hiding places anywhere she goes. She's not a high-energy cat, but she's intelligent and was the...
  2. Tiny

    Name: Tiny Sex: M Is this a Memorial Page? No Year of Birth: 2007 Breed: DSH Fur Color: Brown Tabby Eye Color: Green Biography: The neighbor's kids had once had a cat named Tiny, and they insisted this was the cat. Whether they were right or not, who can say, but the name Tiny stuck. Ironically, Tiny weighs eleven pounds and is not tiny at all! We should've known from those big paws that he'd grow into a big cat.  Tiny is a very perceptive cat who often helps me get out of bed in the...
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