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Amber, the forever kitten

Nov 18, 2016 · ·
  1. banana queen


    Amber is a female black domestic short haired cat. She has hidden tabby stripes in the right lighting, and has central heterochromia-her eyes are orange and blue.

    She was born in April 2015, and was found in my garden as a kitten, along with her sisters Izzy and Mittens.

    Amber got her name due to her eyes, which are mostly an orange colour and her most beautiful feature.

    Amber's nicknames are Ambies, Ambie Boo, Boo Boo, Ambest Boo, Itty Bitty Boo, Amboo and the Forever Kitten, as she is the runt of the litter and has always been a lot smaller than her sisters. She is about the size the others were at 7 months.

    Amber likes belly rubs, having her paws touched, and drinking water from anywhere but her bowl. She stands in the bath and meows until I turn the water on for her to drink from. Amber likes to sniff faces and chew hair.

    Amber likes to sleep on beds, especially the top bunk in the children's room, on top of the cave kind of cat bed but not inside it, on top of the DVD player and in the hallway.

    Amber can open the kitchen cupboards, she has destroyed two bags of flour by taking them out of the cupboards and then dragging them through to the dining room and ripping them up.

    Amber hates baths, I have had to bathe her twice and both times she ended up clinging to my head the second a paw touched the water. Amber doesn't like going outside.

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  1. ginny
    She's beautiful and sounds like such a sweetie!  Omg, i bet you came home to a floury mess in the dining room, lol.  Do you think she drinks too much water? When Sammy went into renal failure he always asked me to turn on the water, in fact I'd leave it dripping for him for a while.  
  2. cassiopea
    She is gorgeous!
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