A few weeks ago we published a sensational report titled: You Won't Believe How Helpful Cats Can Be Around The House! It featured touching pictures of cats helping with the dishes, the laundry and sweeping the floor.

Today we share pictures of kitties who go beyond the call of duty to perform many chores in the house and outside too! You won't believe what these talented cats can do!

Let's start with managing the home office. Bills? Filing? Shredding? Cats to the rescue!

1. Like this cat who has mastered the art of filing!

2. And another "cat secretary" who knows just where every receipt is!

3. The key to teaching a cat to do your filing for you?

Start the training when they're young. Just look at this sweet kitten, so eager to start learning all about folders and documents!

4. No cat is too young to help with shredding. There's no need to invest in a mechanical shredder when you have a cat so eager to help -

5. Nothing is too thick for the feline shredder! Cardboard? Easy as pie!

6. Some cats have shredding down to an art form. Like this one who produces beautiful straight lines! What a pro!

7. Does managing your household include collecting coupons? It's a good thing to have a cat check them for you. Cats are very good at picking the right coupons for your family. Say, the ones for two cans of tuna for the price of one.

8. Calculating expenses can be a pain.

Admittedly, even cats can find it difficult at times, like this poor Kitty who lost himself in a tangle of calculator tape. I'm afraid he may have given up.

9. With so much work around the office, it's ok to let your kitties take a break occasionally and play some computer games.

These two decided to make the most of their break and improve their skills by solving challenging puzzles. Puzzles difficult enough it takes two feline masterminds to solve them!

Moving on to the more physically challenging tasks around the home, some cats can be very good at moving heavy furniture around.

10. Like this cat, who's helping if you want to clear the floor for some serious vacuuming.

In fact, cats are committed to helping with everything furniture-related.

11. This industrious cat is helping put together a new Ikea piece because if you can't, your cat can do it for you! In fact, rumor has it Ikea is considering sending their own cats over to help customers that have no cats of their own.

12. High-hanging curtains need to be drawn? Cats to the rescue!

13. This cat figured it out: Work smarter, not harder!

14. Those hard-to-reach pull cords? It takes two cats to do the job: One to pull the string and the other to supervise.

15. And if the string is too high up for Kitty? Don't worry, he'll drag a ladder over if necessary.

16. Yes, cats don't let their short stature get in the way of helping! A ladder it is!

17. Look at this one, going so high up on a ladder to fix a lamp! Well done!

18. This cat proves that fixing things is always a priority, high up near the ceiling or low down under the sink.

Got a leak? Call this plumbpurr!

19. Some cats are gifted mechanics too -

20. And if it can't be fixed at home, your cat can always take the car to the garage for you.

Now, that's what I call being useful!

Cats are also happy to help care for other pets in our homes.

21. These two white cats are busy minding the fish tank.

22. This well-meaning feline provides some well-needed intellectual stimulation for a goldfish

23. While this one is making sure the lid is secure on the fish tank. After all, we don't want those fish to get out.

24. Going beyond fish, this cat has taken to looking after the hamster.

25. And this one is making himself extra helpful in caring for the family guinea pig! Nothing quite like a close inspection.

He knows the silly little rodent might be scared of him, so he's doing it while hiding. How very considerate!

26. Cats can help you look after the kids too. Like this one, tutoring a human child and helping her make it to the next level in her game.

27. Speaking of tutoring, this cat is actually helping a kid with his homework! Now, how helpful is that?

Finally, cats help not only with boring household chores. They will be there for you to help with the challenges of your favorite hobbies and pastimes.

28. Like this Kitty, helping solve the crossword puzzle

29. And this one, taking a well-deserved rest after finally putting together all four corners of a huge jigsaw puzzle.

30. This kitty knows all about crocheting! Any crocheter will tell you that granny squares need to be flattened out to be blocked. This cat knows it too and is eager to help!

31. If your fingers ache from knitting, take a break and let Kitty add a couple of rows on his own.

I think this list shows all too well why there's nothing quite like having a cat to help you around your home! Just please remember to put safety first -

. Let us know in the comments section how your cats are helping you and if you have awesome photos that show your cats helping, do share them in the Fur Pictures Forum!
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