Can Cats and Dogs Be Friends? These Videos Say Yes!

As a pup, Travis was found as a stray in Indonesia. About the same time, a skinny ginger kitten, covered in paint, entered the picture. His big ears got him the name of Yoda. Travis and Yoda learned to eat, sleep and play together. Now Yoda practices ninja-like moves on Travis. In return, Travis makes sure Yoda has the cleanest ears of any cat ever.

8:44 long

A two-week-old kitten has a small chance of survival without a mom. Luckily, Rosie met the right people and a Husky, Lilo, who knew what to do. Rosie was starving but wouldn’t drink milk. In desperation, her rescuers let Lilo cuddle Rosie. After a couple of hours, Rosie was ready to eat. Now the two go kayaking with their people. They have to be in the same kayak or Rosie gets too nervous—and they always wear life preservers (with shark fin attachments!)

7:50 long

What happens when a dog rescuer finds an abandoned kitten alongside the road? Introductions were one at a time, starting with a pup. Bigger dogs were leashed for their intros. A few Karate Kitten moves let the dogs know this kitty was no pushover. Named Rilu, the kitten discovered dogs make a great pillow.

3:47 long

Nothing like getting your heart rate up first thing in the morning. A little cardio, a little boxing.

1:15 long

See how annoying Midge was when Beatrix (above) first met her.

0:56 long

Sam’s a Beagle and Lilly’s a ginger cat. Most of all they’re best friends who love to play together.

2:39 long

Watch Banjo, a Lab puppy, show a rescue kitten how to play with the ball toy. Those things don’t come with instructions!

3:27 long

Keelo, a Golden Retriever, and Koda, a rescued ginger kitten, met when Koda was small enough to fit in a person’s hand. A compilation of their first eight months together will show just how much they love each other.

3:15 long

In this compilation of cat and dog friends, be sure to watch for the French Bulldog who is color-coordinated with his cat. Think this was planned? Of course, the cat who uses a Bulldog as a doorstop is pretty darn cute too.

3:35 long

Caring for a kitten can wear you out. What happens when you want a nap but can’t find the Off Button on the kitten?

0:29 long

So, as you can see cats and dogs CAN be good friends! There's nothing quite like seeing a canine and a feline enjoying their time together like this.

Does that mean you should be getting a dog next?

Not necessarily. Introducing a new pet is always a risky option which might cause more stress and aggravation for your cat than you anticipate. Unless yours is a young kitten, he or she will need a slow introduction process with any pet you may bring home.

Moreover, dogs pose a special challenge as they can be dangerous for your cat. An adult dog of any size can seriously injure and even kill a cat. Some dogs are just innately aggressive towards cats and shouldn't be brought into a home where cats live. Others would need a slow introduction in a way that's appropriate for the dog and under the guidance and supervision of a professional dog trainer.

If you're considering adopting a dog to make your cat happy, think long and hard before making the decision and take the time to read our guide on this topic:
How To Safely Introduce A Cat And A Dog

There are other ways to help your cat have fun which are less stressful than introducing a new pet to your household. We have ideas that will help you make your home bigger and more interesting for your cats to explore, tips on how to make playtime more fun for Kitty including a list of automated cat toys that will keep her or him entertained while you're away and even a tutorial for building a DIY fun cat cave!

If you're trying to make things more interesting for your cat, adopting another pet should not be high up on your list. However, if you've always fantasized about sharing your life with both a dog and a cat, we hope these videos showed you that it's entirely possible and can even be lots of fun! And if you're not sure about your own situation, why not start a discussion in the Cat Behavior forum and ask our members for advice?

Over to you - do you share your life with both canines and felines? Let us know in a comment on how your two furry friends are getting along!