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7 Festive Cat Toys That Will Make Kitty Bounce With Joy

Nov 3, 2015 ·
  1. Anne
    Make your cat feel part of the family and get her a cool gift for the holidays. You'll make the cat happy AND add holiday cheer to your household!

    Here are seven cat toys festive enough to be used as Christmas decorations. Most of these contain quality catnip so they're not likely to hold on for long!

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    Four Link Catnip Sausage Cat Toy

    Hot dogs from Santa Claws! It just doesn't get much better than that. Well, it does in this case because these "hot dogs" are filled with fresh organic catnip!

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    White Kitty Cat Nip

    Elegant and pure white, with tempting mice prints... great to have around the home around the holidays and Kitty is bound to appreciate them too because they are filled with fragrant organic catnip!

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    Loofa Santa Catnip Cat Toy

    This fun red critter with a green santa hat will make everyone laugh. If it lasts until the family gathering that is. Filled with catnip, it may prove to be interesting enough for Kitty to destroy before the holidays.

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    Savvy Tabby Holiday Wand Cat Toy Set

    Woohoo! Not one but six toys! Perfect for a multi-cat household, or if you want to make sure the toys last for a while longer. It's mice and wands in colors to match your holiday decor.

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    Santa Claus Sparkle Pole Teaser

    Another pole/want toy, only this one has three different "teaser toys" you can switch between. There's a reindeer, a Santa and a snowman, and they all glitter and sparkle!

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    Shaggy Catnip Stockings

    Two catnip-filled stockings for Kitty, one green and one red. Just keep in mind these are actual cat toys, so mind where you hang them, especially if your cat is a catnip addict!

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