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4 at once

Dec 10, 2016 · ·
  1. merkysky
    I will start out by saying I am not a cat person. Of all animals I have had cats have been the least enjoyable. I have a small hobby farm . Well I had. Due to recent sever nerve issues in my right hand which is my dominant hand I can not longer do the farm chores. So my 60 rabbits most for kids who do 4H were sold my 6 goats each who had their own personality to which I loved dearly were sold that took a while as they had to all go together and I did a home visit , yes I know crazy. My two male Alpacas who were rescues and now after 2 year I had to re home them that broke my heart. But they went to a large local rescue zoo it is called. Where they educate kids on animals and the care each one takes . I did however keep my chickens to which I have about 40. I sell their eggs to local customers. We own a landscape business and live at it so most my customers from that buy my eggs. I have one dog a 12 year old Pomeranian Romeo. Then I take care of my daughters Corgi till she gets out of College he is our outside guard herd dog. He was great friends of the goats and Alpacas he is not pleased they are gone . The chickens just do not care for him lol. So it has been about 3 weeks since I got all my animals to good homes and some nut job dumps 3 cats and one kitten on our property. It is cold here now and getting colder and for the life of me with our barn and 5 sheds to which they could have all been fine in , however they would have to fight the coons who come around and try and take my chickens. As I looked down at these cats walking around my deck somehow I opened my door and watched them all walk in. Here we go. Now what. So off to the store for 3 litter boxes and food. And on to amazon to order a cat tree and some toys. One is pregnant one came with her kitten the other might be pregnant. They have appointments to be seen by the vet. My husband come home and it took him about 3 hours before I herd " why is there A cat in the house" I said " there is not A cat in the house there are 4 cats in the house" I herd foot steps and saw this man who is not a fan of cats like me give me a look. I said well look at them. One was on the couch sleeping one was on the bed and mamma and her kitten were in the dog bed sleeping. The first thing out of his mouth was " that calico cat sure is pretty is she pregnant" lol Just about the time I was going to tell him how they came to be all 4 were up and running like mad through the room chasing one lone mouse. Hubby looked at me and said" they better stay in the house it is cold outside" That is code for "they catch mice we are keeping them." So here we are. 2 sleep at the end of the bed and the other two I have no idea where they go. we have a good size house. So far all use the cat boxes. They are all very friendly and play together with a few hisses and growls. My dog who is use to goats in the house an Alpaca for a night to nurse him back to heath was not at all thrilled with cats they are about the size of him. But he is getting use to them. So our adventure begins and i must admit the purring in my ear as one curls up by my head while I am on the couch laying down is very calming. And I can not wait to see the kittens.
    We shall see. once I figure out how to load pics I will share them with you . Their names are Zoe, Lily and Hobbes, Xena

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  1. merkysky
    Thank you.  And none were pregnant.  So all the females 3 are fixed wormed and vaccinated.  Kitten wormed and when he is of age he will get fixed.  The calico is a bit mean but they are figuring out the pecking order.  We have become attached to them.Happy New Year.
  2. opieandspuds
    Sorry to hear about your nerve damage but loved your story...good luck!
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