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31 Hilarious Photos Of Cats Made To Look Like Donald Trump

Jul 31, 2015 · Updated Apr 29, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    Have you seen the latest trend in cat hairdos?
    Trumping cats they call it. It's the practice of taking the tufts of brushed off fur that you get after grooming your cat's coat and setting them up on Kitty's head to make them look like Donald Trump's iconic hairstyle. Add a serious and dignified look and the resemblance can be quite striking!

    The term "Trump Your Cat" is now a hashtag on instagram, Twitter and other social networks. Feast your eyes on these specatular Donald Trump lookalikes - which do you think pulls it off the best?

    I think cream and red colored cats have an unfair natural advantage -

    But really, any coat color can be Trumped. Tabbies -

    Calicos -

    Tabby and white -

    White cats -

    And even black cats -

    Hmmm, wait a minute. I suspect the last one cheated!

    Actually, I found a few other suspicious photos of cats which were trumped with something other than their own clumps of hair!

    What do you think about this Burmese-looking cat, is that his hair up there?

    How about this black Persian cat?

    This doesn't look like discarded post-brush hair![​IMG] Not only foul play but I suspect an accomplice too (unless a silver tabby can have a red tail AND be extremely flexible with it!)

    Ok, some people really took this too far, using props! -

    I guess sometimes you just have no choice but to fake that hair... How else is a Sphynx cat to participate in the fun?

    I actually think some use of props can be legit, as long as the hairdo is done properly -

    But in the end, it's all about displaying a Trumpish attitude in front of the camera. And yes, most cats can pull an "I can run this country" cattitude fairly naturally (or at least "I can run this household"), but for a purrfect Trump Your Cat image, I prefer cats that can pull off the famous "You're fired!" look too!

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  1. feline faelan
    Hilarious! This made my day
  2. Anne
     @Frankie the cat the images are embedded from Instagram. If you can view images on instagram.com you should be able to view these. If you're still having problems, send me a PM. 
  3. frankie the cat
    How come I can't see the pictures?
  4. cassiopea
    Lmao, there are some pretty good ones!

    (Most of those hair pieces look way better than Trump's actual hair tooo)
  5. chom-chom
    They are the most luxurious hair pieces I have ever seen.
  6. arielthechunk22
    Who is donald trump????? :-)
  7. cheddarwaffles
    Thanks for the chuckles! The grumpy ones are the best, esp the one with piles of benjamins!
  8. angels mommy
    Hilarious! I love some of the cat's expressions! LOL!!!
  9. micknsnicks2mom
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