We all know how hard it is go get that perfect smile on camera. Some people are naturals, but most of us just don't have that movie star smile to show and we end up with all kinds of derpy smiles captured on film or in digital file.
Cats are the same. These TCS kitties illustrate the full range of feline smiles - from bashful grins to all-out guffaws, here are 23 of the derpiest kitty smiles caught on camera! Guaranteed to make YOU smile!

1. This girl who appreciates TV comedy.

2. This cat who shut his eyes just as the flash hit - right after setting the perfect pose and smile.

3. This happy cat smiling in anticipation for a good chin rub

4. And this one, too lazy to get up, but not too lazy to smile for the camera!

5. This kitty, overdoing the whole "smile for the camera" thing

6. This cat caught just before he managed to smile properly

7. Or this one, with another classic camera blooper, or shall we say "blueper"?

8. This one, demonstrating the perfect "pirate smile". Aye!

9. Another jack tar smiles for t' camera!

10. And this captain o' smiles! Yaar and a bottle of liquid catnip!

11. You know that crazy look some people get when they laugh? Well, this cat:

12. And this one, sharing a heartfelt guffaw

13. Wouldn't you like to be in on that joke?

14. Or this one?

15. Ok, this joke may just be too funny for us humans.

16. But this cat gets it!

17. As does this one!

18. This cat is literally begging to stop with these jokes, it's just too much, stop it!

19. If a cat is going to have a belly laugh, hold him tight!

20. Or he may lose his ears from laughing so hard. That's LMEO - Laughing My Ears Off!

21. Nothing quite like the whiskerless smile of a naked Sphynx!

22. Laughter - better together!

23. And if you haven't smiled so far, you'd better do it now with this overdose of kitten cuteness! Kittens laughing together!

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