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23 Cats That Are Trying To Hide - Some Successfully!

Mar 14, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    Cats love hiding. Our experience here in TheCatSite has shown that while some really nail it while others, well, fail at it. Here are 23 TCS kitties demonstrating the dos and don'ts of good hiding practices for felines. It's a crucial guide for cats, so make sure your own cat reads this!

    1. Cabinets, desks and furniture in general make great hiding spots!

    2. Under the bed is another great spot! Bed skirts rock!

    3. Drawers! Some think they sound naughty but they can be very effective hiding places!

    4. Any drawer. Any room. It's a great way to surprise a human reaching in to pick out something!

    5. This may not look like a bad hiding place but it's all about the angle. An owner looking for a cat could spend hours before thinking about looking into a bucket!

    6. A box. The classic hideout. Cats are masters of adapting their size to the size of the box. It's such an awesome hiding place, even a cat passing by would be fooled!

    7. Speaking of cats passing by. When a bag is used instead of a box, a cat must be very still. A moving bag usually alerts passers by. Then again, if a camera is ready, this is a great way to capture shots a-la The Matrix.

    8. When opting for a bag, a thermal one is a good idea. It's padded and warm!

    9. If a human is looking in, it's best to try and blend into the bag.

    10. The inside of a gym tote bag makes a great cave to hide in and most cats seem to appreciate the distinct aroma too.

    11. Lurking inside the newspaper is a perfect way to add some much-needed excitement to someone's breakfast.

    12. No newspaper? If a cat can find a volume large enough, a book sometimes works too. Not always though...

    13. Last but not least in the paper hideouts category - the crumpled paper cave! The good news about this is that any cat can create one. Newspapers, toilet paper, you name it. If it can be shredded, it can be turned into a hiding place.

    14. Now here's an effective hiding place! Can you spot the red tabby in this picture?

    And now to the peek-a-book FAILS. Here are TCS kitties demonstrating how hiding isn't every cat's forte.

    15. No. If you can't see them, that does NOT mean they can't see you. Sorry, it just doesn't work that way.

    16. Cats love shrunk plastic caves that are created where bottles used to live. Well, guess what? Plastic is... well, transparent.

    17. Here's a cat trying to combine two failed strategies: hiding only its head in a transparent glass container.

    18. Again, just because you can't see 'em...

    19. So, you've covered more than your head. Well done! Huge progress! But... still too much body showing.

    20. Close! But not quite.

    21. Closer yet!

    22. Ooooooh, so close!

    22. Tails, the downfall of many a hiding cat.

    23. Some cats just give up. They try to hide within themselves... Hey, at least humans think this is really cute!

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  1. Alicia88
    Precious!  My Connor is great at hiding.  I stopped by my sisters after the boys got their shots so my step daughter could play with her kids.  When we were ready to leave, I couldn't find Connor anywhere.  We thought he'd maybe sneaked outside.  Four of my sister's kids were looking and calling his name (the 5th one can't walk yet, haha), as were my sister, my other teenage sister, one of her teenage friends and of course me.  We searched for over an hour and I was in tears.  I was afraid he was gone forever.  I pulled out a kitchen chair to sit down . . . and there was Connor.  Sleeping on the chair under the table.  Little brat scared the hell out of me then blinked up at me like, "What?  Can't a guy take a nap?"
    I think being black helps him a lot.  He's good at blending in with shadows and whatnot.
  2. snowpawprint
    aww thay are adorable! number 6 looks a little like my blossom
  3. grizzlysapien
    You didn't include pictures of my Grizzly.. That's because he always hides himself effectively :p
  4. lisabh
    adorable.. each cat pic is sooo sweet. One of mine hides between the books in the bookcase. I cant figure out how she does it, without knocking all the books off the shelf!?
  5. segelkatt
    My foster crawls under the covers on the day bed and goes to sleep. He also hops on the shelf under the coffee table and thinks that nobody can see him because there is a tablecloth on top hanging down the sides. Sure, what's that bushy tail hanging out that the other black cat attacks?
  6. shewolf
    my cat hides behind a sheer curtain over a hall way closet and attacks me as I walk by.....he is 23 pounds of high energy....my Zeus
  7. betsygee
    @SasSea  I can just picture that.  Too cute.  
  8. sassea
    When our Sassea was about 9 weeks old we panicked as we started our second look around. My wife had a pair of boots with the fuzz around the top and sitting in there just watching was the adorable kitten Sassea. She wasn't worried, she knew where she was.
  9. krate
    Great photos
  10. raysmyheart
    This is too much, I'm having a good laugh!  Reminds me of my Speedy, she has a thin felt rug she will disappear under.  Gee, I wouldn't know she is under there except for the Speedy-sized bump in the rug!!
  11. dennis47
    These are hysterical! Laughed the whole article through! Loved #7 the best.
  12. tarasgirl06
    LOVE these!  Especially #4 and #14.  Not quite sure what a "newspaper" is, though ;).  
  13. betsygee
    Some very clever kitties in these photos!  :-)
  14. mservant
    ROFL, so many cute little paws and tail-ends giving the cat-game away here along side the eyes peering out from dark spaces. Very cute.
  15. camillel
    ALL of the above are SOOOO cute Great hiding places fellow felines
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