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21 Amazing Photos Of Cats That Look Exactly The Same

Jun 26, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    What do you do when you have more than one cat... yet both cats look exactly the same? This has happened to a surprising number of TheCatSite members! Some of them shared photos of their identical cats, allowing us a glimpse into life with kitties that look exactly like one another. Take a look at these 21 photos and let us know in a comment if you can tell these kitties apart or not.

    1. These two white kittens even pose in the exact same way -

    2. And these two try to merge into one huge white cat to confuse their owner even more!

    3. Identical cats come in black, too!

    4. And in this amazing shade of chocolate brown -

    5. Or in beautiful gray blue (extra toes included!) -

    6. Don't worry, tabby cats can also be identical, like these fluffy ginger cats -

    7. Or these sweet cream tabby kittens

    8. Gray striped tabby cats are also "Better Together!"

    9. Including gorgeous Bengal cats who seem to mirror each other here!

    10. Are you seeing double? Or are colorpointed cats really good at looking exactly like one another?

    11. Look, we even found a pair of real Siamese twins! Well, they could be - who knows what's going on inside that tunnel?

    12. It's more of a challenge when more than one cat color or pattern is involved. Don't worry - these kitties know how to pull this off no matter what!

    13. Or this pair, who actually made their owner wonder if they are in fact identical twins.
    What do you think?

    14. We did have a few people try to make false claims about having identical-looking cats -

    16. Some even used props -
    17. Even live props! We're not that easily fooled though.

    18. In some households identical cats come in more than two copies. How about three tabby cats?
    Even the dog looks confused!

    19. Oh, no! What do you do when you have a house full of calicos? They huddle together so you can't even count them properly!

    20. At least in this household, they tried to go with three identical pairs and sort them out on the bed by color. A case of OCD maybe? That's Obsessive Cat Disorder, of course!

    21. Life with identical cats can be challenging. At least they're sweet enough so you can enjoy them - even without being able to tell them apart -

    If you liked this list, please use the button below to share it with your friends on Facebook! And don't forget to leave us a comment and let us know if these kitties managed to confuse you, even a little!

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  1. Hreedertwinsmom
    My run of the mill calico cat gave birth to 2 Simase kittens one boy and one girl the rest of the litter were color other solid colors. Does this mean these 2 are twins and how rare is it to have boy n girl Siamese twins
    1. catspaw66
      No, it doesn't mean they are twins. It just means somewhere back among their ancestors, there was a colorpoint cat. My dilute tortie (my avatar) had three torties, three black kittens and one orange tabby.

      Siamese twins are conjoined twins, in usual usage.
  2. msFriday
    :bigeyes: Great article, great pictures. It was fun to try to find little differences!
  3. catspaw66
    It helps to look at ear and tail tips when you have lots that look alike. However, when they are all playing full-contact tag all you see is calico blurs.

    Fantastic article, wonderful collection of lookalikes.
      Anne purraised this.
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