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18 Hilarious Cat Photobombs (and One Dog Taking Revenge!)

Jun 16, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne

    Hmmm what is a photobomb anyway?

    A photobomb is a picture ruined by someone or something that got in front of the camera right when the picture was being taken. Curious cats are therefore the ultimate photobombers. There's nothing a cat likes more than checking out a camera right before the shutter clicks!

    Try to take a picture of a cat and he or she is sure to turn their head the other way. However, try to take a picture of something else, and Kitty will rush over and stick his face right in front of your camera!

    These cats photobombed photos of other cats

    1."Hold on, just let me check the settings here"

    2. "I don't care if you're trying to photograph that funny white cat. I decided to come and sit here right now."

    3. "No! Mom is trying to take MY picture! Get your white chin out of my picture right now!"

    4. "Why are you posing like this? Is this thing taking your picture right now? Let me take a close look and find out."

    5. "What's this clicking sound? What are you doing over there on the bed with Mom's phone?"

    6. "Just passing through.... Ooops!"

    7. "At last! I can get my picture taken without my brother showing in it somewhere".

    8. "What's this? Stop taking pictures of this ugly tabby and get back to packing! Right now!"

    9. "Please tell me he's not making that silly face behind me? Not again..."

    10. "Yes, I hear ya. You need a good picture for the TCS contest where we both look serious and beautiful."

    11. "Hold your pose! I know I can make it to the camera and back before the timer goes off!"

    12. "What's that? You want to get a closeup shot there?"

    13. "Will you get your tail out of there?!?!"

    14. "So, we're taking pictures for the photo contest and the theme is red tabbies?"

    Cats are great at photobombing pictures of the dog too!

    15. "You're sending this to the dog photo contest? You really should have a cat in there, you know".

    16. "What's going on over there with that pooch?"

    17. "A picture perfect shot? Don't you know that is MY pet bed?"

    18. "Where are you going to? Mom said she wants a picture of all three of us. Didn't you hear her say "Sit!"?"

    And finally, a dog taking revenge!

    19. "Let me check the settings here!"

    Has your cat ever photobombed one of your pictures? We want to see it in the Fur Pictures forum!

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  1. DreamerRose
    Hilarious! My laugh for the day!
  2. raysmyheart
    Yes, now that you mention this, it is Soooo true! Never a pose when you need it.;):lol::) I love the little faces in the backgrounds! They are really hysterical if you look at them! :lol::lol::lol:
      dustydiamond1, akaLuann and Anne purraised this.
  3. tabbytom
    LOL.............these photos made my day!
      akaLuann purraised this.
  4. SeventhHeaven
    Great Shots :D
      akaLuann purraised this.
  5. rickr
    Those are hysterical.  Love the ones with the tails in the photos.  
      akaLuann purraised this.
  6. margd
    I love these!  All of them are good for a chuckle but #4 really made me laugh. 
      akaLuann purraised this.
  7. mservant
    Heheheh, great fun.  All fabulous but I especially love 3 for the composition, and that last one with the dog's revenge.  
      akaLuann purraised this.
  8. tarasgirl06
    @jtbo, glad that worked -- you had me scared there for a moment, as I see NO cars of any kind in No. 9! ;)
      akaLuann purraised this.
  9. jtbo
    Oh, refresh fixed it, I just saw those avatar kind of small images as a large images before refresh.
      akaLuann purraised this.
  10. jtbo
    Some pics show up weird way, number 9. for example has lot of race cars in it, maybe my puter is making weird things happen again?
      akaLuann purraised this.
  11. tarasgirl06
    Love all of the cat ones! *But there ARE no "ugly" tabbies*
  12. betsygee
    Oh, those are great!  :-)
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