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18 Awesome Cat Feeding Tips By Thecatsite Staff Members

Mar 10, 2018 · ·
  1. Anne
    18 Awesome Cat Feeding Tips By Thecatsite Staff Members
    We asked our trusted team members for cat feeding tips and they did not disappoint. Here are 18 tips that offer advice about cat feeding practices.

    Feeding cats can be challenging at times. Some cats are messy eaters while others are dainty finicky ones. Some felines gulp down their food while others are anxious and require some calming down. Meal time can sure be complicated!

    Let's see what our team members - all of them experienced cat owners - have to say.

    1. Don't stick to one type of cat food

    Unless your cat has special dietary needs, feeding a wide range of wet foods is a good idea. That way, Kitty doesn't get bored and you don't get stuck if there's a sudden shortage or recall. It's not so great to switch between kibble, but a good compromise is to feed two or three brands mixed together. That way, kitty's digestion won't get a shock if one food isn't available for some reason.
    Tip offered by @Columbine

    2. Keep food away from water

    Don't place food and water bowls next to each other, because instinct tells cats in the wild not to eat where they drink to avoid contaminating their water supply.
    Tip offered by @jcat

    3. Warm cat food during winter time

    In the winter canned food or pouches will be more appetizing if warmed up. Pour some boiled water into a bowl and let the unopened can or pouch sit in it for about a minute before opening. you can also add a few spoonfuls of warm water to the food to increase your cats water intake.
    Tip offered by @Norachan

    4. For fussy eaters, toppers are key.

    I always keep a supply of a few toppers options in the house. It's also a great way to persuade kitty to eat up less favoured food (and we've all been out to buy a case of kitty's new favourite, only to have them refuse it as soon as you get the case home). I use a lot of Purebites-style freeze dried treats in a variety of flavours, crumbling them over the top so they can't just pick the treats out. Kibble crumbs (or pulverized kibble) is great for kibble addicts.
    Tip offered by @Columbine

    Feeding Dishes Tips

    5. Avoid plastic dishes

    Stainless steel, glass, or porcelain food and water dishes are more sanitary than plastic ones, which become scratched or brittle over time and can cause maladies like chin acne.
    Tip offered by @jcat

    6. Keep food dish slightly elevated

    A slightly elevated dish is better for cats. The positioning lines up their throat better and expands the stomach. It is especially beneficial for flatter faced cats or those with joint issues.
    Tip offered by @Kieka

    Don't forget to check out our article about automatic feeders for cats, where we provide tips and information on how to choose the best model for your household.

    7. Use flat dishes for feeding cats

    Wide, flat dishes prevent whisker stress. Cat's whiskers are very sensitive to pressure and will be irritated by deep, small-diameter dishes.
    Tip offered by @jcat

    8. Look for a food dish with a curving bottom

    A shallow bowl that has a curving bottom avoids whiskers getting compacted while allowing gravity to pull the food down and to the center. That way Kitty isn't forced to shove his or her face around trying to find food they can smell but not see.
    Tip offered by @Kieka

    9. Use a mat under the food dish

    I place food dishes on mats made specifically for pet feeding. They have a lip to contain the plates which means a lot less dry food on the floor. I can remove the plates, and brush the dry food into the trash, and wipe the mat clean.
    Tip offered by @margecat

    10. Own a flat-faced breed? Make sure the dish is wide and shallow

    Cats with wider faces have difficulty fitting their mouth into small dishes. This could make some - but not necessarily all - of them slightly sloppy eaters. Make sure the dish is flat and has no edges - some people prefer using saucers to avoid potential problems.
    Tip offered by @neely

    Multi-cat households Feeding Tips

    11. Feed nervous cats higher up

    Feed the more nervous cats up higher than the dominant ones. If the nervous cats are fed on a table and the dominant cats on the floor they'll eat more and not be bullied away from their food.
    Tip offered by @Norachan

    12. Offer a closed private feeding space for anxious cats

    I've found that feeding Chula in a cardboard box cuts down on her anxiety around meal time. She's always been hesitant to eat, preferring to watch Paul for a few moments as he chows down. She'll watch him, bend her head down to her bowl and then, without eating anything, come up and watch him some more. She is noticeably less anxious when she eats in her box.
    Tip offered by @margd

    Dealing with Gulpers/Fast eaters

    13. Offer food in an interactive feeder

    One tip I have for fast eaters (or just as a way for cats to play a fun game) who eat kibble is to put the food inside a treat dispenser ball like this one: PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Cat Feeder. This also works great for cats who have kibble supply for overnight so that they have something to keep them occupied.
    Tip offered by @abyeb

    14. Place food in egg tray

    If your cat gulps down food, putting it in a melamine egg tray or in the hollows of a deviled egg serving dish will force him to eat slower.
    Tip offered by @jcat

    15. Place an object in the food bowl

    An upside down egg cup in the food bowl can slow down eating dry food. Like in this setup -
    Tip offered by @Columbine

    16. Spread wet food on a plate

    Try spreading canned/wet food onto a dinner plate (think putting butter or peanut butter on bread). That way kitty has to lick the food rather than gulp it. Works best for paté style foods.
    Tip offered by @Columbine

    Cat Food Storage Tips

    17. Seal portions of dry food for later use

    Use a food saver (vacuum sealer) to break down a large bag of dry cat food immediately after opening it. The smaller vacuum-sealed portions will remain fresh longer and are easier to store, plus you'll save money by buying larger bags.
    Tip offered by @jcat

    18. Use glass jars for storing dry cat food

    As soon as you open a large bag of kibble, move the food into glass gallon or 1/2 gallon jars with metal lids to keep it fresh.
    Tip offered by @GoldyCat

    Got more cat feeding tips?

    Share your own tips in a comment below! Or just let us know what you thought about these cat feeding tips. If you liked them, please take a minute to share this article with your friends - thank you!

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  1. MistyRino
    Tip for picky eaters: Maybe add some canned cat food, or something that your cat loves, or adding teeny bits of your cats favorite treats may help.
  2. kalif
    My cat recently started to refuse eating his wet food unless i hand feed him. If i plate it for him, he would just paw the floor and walk away. He already eats a lot less than my other cat, although he doesn't seem like he has a weight issue, nor does he seem less active.. I was wondering if it can lead to a problem. He eats his dry food well, but i don't want to completely rely on dry food for him.

    But he loves his Ciao Churu treats. So i was also wondering how many sticks can he eat per day? I can't seem to find a definitive answer for this. I keep it to 2 a day, but my wife has a habit of sneaking him more. He's a healthy 5.5kg (about 12 pounds) 1 year old cat. And very active.
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
    1. tarasgirl06
      I've never bought the Ciao Churu so I don't know how nutritionally complete it is, and/or how much is recommended daily, but personally, I would keep the treats AS treats, and to a minimum. Wet food is best for cats. Dry food is okay as long as it is high in quality and not used as the main diet. I would consider weaning him off the Ciao Churu and dry and keeping those to a minimum while offering him high quality wet foods 3 times a day.
  3. mocha bee
    I would like to know how much to feed my 10 lb cat. She always seems to be starving.
    1. tarasgirl06
      Feed per the instructions on your cat's food. For a 10 pound cat, which is generally thought of as a good weight, one 5.5 oz. can per day plus some high-quality dry food and a few treats is what I feed. You may vary this. If she looks noticeably thin, however, a visit with her veterinarian is recommended.
      Neekyboo purraised this.
  4. nunnc84
    The vet says I have an over weight cat, and she isn't going to last as long as she would if she was trim.
    It kills me to cut down on her food. Because she makes these sounds and I break and feed her extra.
    She has me trained or whipped.
  5. Janani.R.S
    Awesome tips! I really appreciated this!
  6. n0ntoX!c
    my cat only likes raw onions and roma tomatoes diced up with uncooked chicken. Well, all the cats I have did. Even this new guy I just got! Just wish cats lived longer than a few moments. :(

    ᴵ'ᵐ ʲᵒᵏⁱⁿᵍ ᵒᶠ ᶜᵒᵘʳˢᵉ
    1. tarasgirl06
      You do know that onions are toxic to cats?
      MistyRino, nunnc84, boydmn20 and 1 other person purraised this.
  7. sam12
    My Molly is a anxious cat who gulps her food and gets it everywhere! I might try some of these tricks!
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
  8. jinxybean
    Excellent suggestions! My kitty is not an enthusiastic eater, but I noticed she eats better if the dish is near where I sit. She ate a lot less of her food when the dish was kept in the kitchen. My girl is a lap cat and having the food dish close by reminds her it's there, so she eats a little, gets on my lap for petting, smells her food, goes back to eat...rinse. Repeat. Her water dishes are kept in the kitchen and in the upstairs master bedroom (spoilt girl). :)
      tarasgirl06 and catsknowme purraised this.
  9. catsknowme
    I am an experienced cat owner and am pleased with a lot of new tips!
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
  10. rascalshadownj2
    These were really good tips. I didn't know that you didn't put the water bowls with the food bowls. I'll be sure to put my water bowls in a different place than the food bowls. That was a good idea about elevating their food bowls. I'll try to do that with their dishes. I feed my cats on ceramic plates, and their water is in stainless steel metal bowls. I keep them really clean everyday. I put their dry food in ceramic bowls too. They look like small salad bowls. They are shaped sort of like this.

    I bought their plates and bowls at my local Good Will store for 50 cents each. So they have four ceramic bowls and two stainless steel bowls for their dry food, and four ceramic plates for their wet food. My water bowls look sort of like this.

    I give them enough water to last all day. But I change it everyday. I even give my cats distilled water to drink. I read where there was some toxic chemicals in tap water, so I immediately started giving them distilled water to drink. I even drink it myself. ;)

    As for food, they tend to like most of the wet food that has gravy. It has lots of juice, and meat too. I try to get the brands they like. They like mostly chicken, turkey, and beef. Anything with gravy. lol But I don't give them any of those canned foods with fish. Especially tuna. You don't know where it comes from, and what type of fish it is.

    That was a good idea grinding up the dry food and sprinkling it on the wet food. I'll have to try that. That way they will get both wet and dry.
    Anyway, that was a good article. Thanks for posting! :wave3:
      tarasgirl06, Anne and catsknowme purraised this.
    1. Sharon2665
      Be careful with the canned food with gravy. Yes the cats love it but it is very high in carbohydrates and can contribute to diabetes. Pate soft food is the best for them as it is the lowest in carbohydrates, therefore the best for kitties health.
      MistyRino, RubiH, nunnc84 and 1 other person purraised this.
    2. nunnc84
      I have constipated cats. I was told mineral oil a couple drops.
      That fortified cat yeast works! I’ll start using it again. I get purina packets.
      During the day my cats eat dry food from catit feeding balls.
      They can be destructive and need something to do besides trashing my counters.
  11. sivyaleah
    Really helpful list!
    Another topper we use is nutritional yeast. Has a cheesy kind of flavor which cats enjoy. Just a sprinkle over the food should do the trick.
      tarasgirl06 and catsknowme purraised this.
  12. tarasgirl06
    Thanking you for these excellent suggestions!
      Anne purraised this.
    1. nunnc84
      I use paper plates for the wet food. I’m feeding them together on the same plate now.
      These were two grown females who fought all the time and now they eat off the same plate!
      My older cat Sassy is getting meaner, or I guess older. Luna is good to me. Follows me around begging for food when I stand in the kitchen.
      I’m planning on putting cabinet locks so she can’t get the food.
      When I lay down she is there to lay on her favorite comforter (only the favorite) and jump on my belly in the morning so I feed her.
      She has Sassy following me in the kitchen meowycrying for food now.
      Sassy loves treat times when she’s laying in the spot I want her too I treat her. She gets it.
      I’m trying play therapy playing with them both at once to bring them together.
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