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17 Hilarious Photos Of Adorable Cats Going Undercover

Dec 27, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    Going undercover - or under the covers - is something every self-respecting feline tries to do occasionally! Every once in a while Kitty turns into a secret undercover agent. Literally. Going under the covers is the feline version of 007, trying to avoid detection by real - or imaginary - adversaries!

    Here are 17 TCS cats demonstrating how cats go undercover - with varying degrees of success.

    For a cat, our home is a wonderland of blankets that offer the aspiring secret agent the perfect cover -


    Blankets provide the purrfect cover for our feline spies!



    A decent blanket can offer shelter to more than one secret agent!

    However, some covers can be too comfy. So much so that even a dedicated agent may let down his guard and fall asleep.


    And once asleep, one's cover may be blown! All it takes is a tip of the tail showing -

    Or perhaps a rogue paw!

    Get too sleepy and an entire head might slip right out from under the cover!

    Or it could be the other half of one's furry body -

    The real problem however is when you can't find an available blanket to serve as your cover. When that happens, a cat may turn to a pillow -

    Or perhaps a small rug -

    Here's a spy who couldn't find a blanket and had to take cover inside a blanket storage bag!

    Clearly, these options don't always provide a feline with good coverage. A bed sheet is a far better option which can often offer full coverage. Just look at this pro!

    So, what can you do about it all? As a responsible owner, if you ever adopt a new kitten, provide him with plenty of blankets to make sure your little spy gets trained from a young age!

    It's never too early to start!

    So, what do you think of our undercover agents? We think that they all excel in one thing: total cuteness! If you think so too, let us know in a comment, or even share a photo of your own cat under the covers!

    Don't forget to share this with your friends so they can enjoy our furspies!

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  1. Rombiee11
  2. GreyLady
    This is so cute... something neither of my cats ever do, though. They like to sleep on top of them.
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
  3. ramscici
    Such an amazing article! Here’s my agent, barely trying to hide.

  4. Firetail
    SOOOOOOOO cute! my cat just hides in a box and awaits that unfortunate moment when I put something in there. Or when my toes are in reach.
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
  5. Candybee
    Okay that was serious cuteness overload! LOL
  6. snowpawprint
    my kitty hides on the windowsill behind the curtains,but her cover is blown when we go outside...
    1. raysmyheart
      This is too funny! I burst out laughing!
  7. raysmyheart
    We must be mistaken. I don't see any cats!? :lol:

    Actually, I love the hiding cats, they think they are amidst a real adventure, it seems.
    My Speedy has a little, inexpensive felt rug that she goes crazy hiding under. I just have to be extra careful to keep her little rug off limits for me to step on because she is too good at hiding sometimes.

    All the cats are gorgeous in these photos and I see familiar faces! :heartshape: That is awesome!!:heartshape:
  8. calico man
    And they just THINK they are hiding...!!!
  9. catwoman=^..^=
    These are the most superest duperest photos! First class spies all the way!
  10. Brian007

    Snug as a bug in a rug.
      Merlin77, Anne, raysmyheart and 2 others purraised this.
  11. Rennie72
    Love the pictures!
      Anne, raysmyheart and tarasgirl06 purraised this.
  12. margecat
    I love the black tail sticking out (and Smedley has a white tip on his black tail). I love it when cats try to hide, but leave a body part showing. Loki (I miss him so much) used to wait until we changed the bed sheets, and would jump in under the fitted bottom sheet. I used to call him "Loch Ness Kitty", as the sheet had humps in it like the famous photo of the Loch Ness Monster!
      raysmyheart, betsygee, Anne and 2 others purraised this.
    1. betsygee
      That's my Ozzy with the tail sticking out. Too cute.
      Anne and raysmyheart purraised this.
  13. betsygee
    These are great! :clap:
      raysmyheart, tarasgirl06 and lavishsqualor purraised this.
  14. dustydiamond1
    So pleased to see our girl Gypsy (#7):bliss: Thanks for her inclusion. :catlove:
      raysmyheart, betsygee, Anne and 2 others purraised this.
  15. tarasgirl06
    Thank you for calling our beloved Rani angel (#15) a pro. She certainly was. :happycat:
      raysmyheart, betsygee, Anne and 2 others purraised this.
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