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13 Fun Baseball Caps For Crazy Cat Lovers

Jun 6, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    Summer is here and we're all looking for the right head gear that will protect us from the sun. If you're looking for a really cool baseball cap, look no further. We found 11 awesome designs that every cat lover should consider wearing this summer. They'll provide you with shade and let the world know just how much you love cats!

    1. This elegant cat-themed cap combines the abstract design of a cat's nose and whiskers in black and white with the whimsical addition of two cute ears!

    Click to buy on Amazon

    2. How about a baseball cap that offers a more cartoonish cat image? Its cute embroidered whiskers seem to create the illusion of a smile. Along with the triangular ears, you can be sure this one sends the message loud and clear.
    cartoon cat ears baseball cap.JPG
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    3. This beautiful women's baseball cap offers the glamour of black sequins. The delicate cat ears and embroidered whiskers make sure everyone understands this hat is worn by a real cat lover! Click through to see it in other colors too!
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    4. Black cat lover? This awesome item is marketed as a Halloween baseball cap but we think it's great any day of the year! The cat eyes are bound to attract everyone's attention day or night!

    halloween cat cap.JPG

    Click to buy on Amazon

    5. Who says a design must have whiskers to spell out "cat"? Check out this fashionable cap with a feminine floral pattern in rhinestones. It only has cat ears - but that's obviously more than enough!
    Click to buy on Amazon

    6. Or maybe try this design that avoids cat ears and uses rhinestones to create a beautiful cat silhouette on blue denim. A perfect choice for lovers of all things shiny and bling!

    rhinestone cat cap.JPG
    Click to buy on Amazon

    7. How about stating your love for felines with actual text? You could do that with a baseball cap that reads "Best Cat Mom ever". Not just in pink either - click through to see the gorgeous washed shades this design comes in.

    best cat mom.JPG
    Click to buy on Amazon

    8. Maybe keep the message simple and clear with a cap that just says "Cats make me happy"? A simple unisex design - available in a variety of colors - makes this a purrfect cap for any cat lover, man or woman.
    cats make me happy.JPG

    Click to buy on Amazon

    9. Or maybe inject some humor into your head gear with a message that reads: "I'm not single - I have a cat!"
    not single.JPG

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    10. Even funnier is this cap that reads: "All I Care About Is Cats... and like maybe 3 people". And don't worry about people thinking you're not very nice. That adorable cat picture with the little hearts around it will show them that you really are.
    only cats.JPG

    Click to buy on Amazon

    11. And if you're thinking of getting more than one of the designs on this list, you may simply need this last one because you may be suffering from an Obsessive Cat Disorder -

    Click to buy on Amazon

    So, which of these cat-themed baseball caps do you like best? Let us know in a comment below!

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  1. tarasgirl06
    I love all of these, especially #3 and #5, but I'd love #9 even better if it said, "A Cat Has ME" :lovecat3::lovecat4:
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